Lodge Diary 2021

Please Note:
Rooms for each meeting will be shown on the screen in the bar at Halsey Hall.

Tuesday12th January19.30Officers' Night - Cancelled
Wednesday13th January16.00Regular Meeting - Cancelled
Zoom Meeting for all members
Tuesday26th January19.30LOI - Cancelled
Tuesday2nd February19.30LOI - Cancelled
Tuesday16th February16.30LOI - Cancelled
Wednesday17th February16.30Regular Meeting - Cancelled
Tuesday2nd March19.30Committee Meeting via Zoom
Tuesday16th March19.30LOI - Cancelled
Tuesday30th March19.30LOI - Cancelled
Tuesday13th April19.30LOI
Tuesday27th April19.30LOI
Tuesday4th May19.30Officers' Night
Wednesday5th May16.30Regular Meeting
Tuesday14th September19.30Committee Meeting
Tuesday28th September19.30LOI
Tuesday12th October19.30Officers' Night
Wednesday13th October16.30Regular Meeting
Tuesday26th October19.30LOI
Tuesday9th November19.30LOI
Tuesday30th November19.30LOI

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