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Tudor Lodge No. 7280

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Next LOI Meeting
Tuesday 25
th January 2018

Next Regular Meeting
Wednesday 21
st February 2018
nd Degree Ceremony and
st Degree Ceremony

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W.Bro Mick Fenner receives Provincial Promotion ‘with immediate effect’

January 2018 (News)

Tudor Lodge receives ‘Patron Certificate’ for the 2019 Festival

January 2018 (News)

2019 Festival Appeal reaches £2.45million

December 2017

Tudor Lodge donates £1,000 to Peace Hospice Care, Watford

October 2017 (News)


In order to secure the future of Freemasonry, one objective of UGLE’s ‘2015-2020 Our Strategy at a Glance’ is to improve the structure for the attraction and retention of members.

To deliver on that objective, the Members’ Pathway was prepared to provide a structured approach for lodges to follow in order to attract and encourage potential new members while at the same time retaining and adding value to the existing membership.

The Pathway was developed to address recruitment and retention in Freemasonry in order to stem the decline in membership and meet the long-term needs of the Craft and the Royal Arch. Evidence from successful lodges reveals there is good reason for optimism on Freemasonry’s future.

Every lodge member shares a responsibility for introducing new members, helping in retention and by making the new recruit feel welcome and then supporting them.

Download a PDF of ‘The Pathway Steps 1-11’ to find out more.

Lodge layouts often look the same but can be subtly different in many Lodges. In general, the Lodge furniture is found in the same place but seating arrangements can differ between Lodges and Provinces. While the Grand Officers will nearly always sit on the right of the Worshipful Master, the Stewards sometimes sit on different sides of the Lodge. Some officers will always sit in the same place, especially the Worshipful Master, Wardens, Deacons, Director of Ceremonies and the Assistant DC, and the Secretary and Treasurer. However, other Officers do not always have a specific place.

Download a PDF diagram of the Lodge layout typically used in Tudor Lodge.

Freemasonry and the Side Degrees: Many newer members in Freemasonry may not realise just how many Side Degrees are available once membership of Craft masonry has been gained. While the first side degree to be introduced is usually the Royal Arch Chapter, others are also available with some dependant on membership of one or more degrees. A table explaining the relationship between the degrees can be downloaded below. If any member of any of the side degrees shown wishes to offer a correction to the information shown, please let the Tudor Lodge Secretary know.

Download a PDF diagram of Freemasonry and the Side Degrees

Regular Meeting of Tudor Lodge - 21st February 2018 - Installation Meeting

The meeting will Tyle at 4pm.

The February meeting will include a 2nd Degree ceremony for Bro Jack Adams and a 1st Degree ceremony for a new Candidate. All members are asked to consider what Officer roles they would like to take as two ceremonies in one evening is a lot of work for one team. If you would like to take part in either ceremony, please speak to the Worshipful Master, the Director of Ceremonies or the Secretary.

The menu for the evening is: