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supporting Compassion London
to distribute fresh meals to keyworkers and the vulnerable in the Watford area

TudorFood was set up in response to a request by Bro Harry Lomas, Culinary Chef at Wembley Stadium, who joined Compassion London to produce fresh meals for the vulnerable and for NHS and support workers. The role of TudorFood is to assist in expanding the Compassion London service into the Watford area.

W.Bro Peter Young took on the role of contacting local charitable groups and key worker sites, organising the deliveries and acting as the main point of contact between these groups and Compassion London to ensure a smooth delivery service once a demand for meals had been established,

TudorFood launched on Monday 11th May and took the first order for meals the same day. With many more organisations to contact, demand for meals is expected to soar.


Great first week for the TudorFood initiative with over 1100 meals now being delivered every week around the Watford and surrounding area. The teams in the kitchens and the delivery drivers are working hard to ensure everyone receives their deliveries on time so no-one misses out.

Local Food Hubs and two local charities for the homeless and disabled children are among those receiving meals for the vulnerable families they are supporting, along with keyworkers at two local Hospices.

The teams in the kitchens and the delivery drivers are working hard to ensure everyone receives their deliveries on time so no-one misses out.


The second week of operation for the TudorFood initiative and the demand for meals has stabilised from the original groups we started supplying. Smaller requirements from individuals, nominated by other charitable groups, have been added to some of the larger orders and onward delivery arranged.

The start of the drift back to work has affected the numbers of volunteers helping in the kitchens and driving the vans, so planning has had to be careful to ensure all deliveries are made.

W.Bro Alan Shew joined the Compassion London kitchen staff, assisting Bro Harry Lomas (Head Chef), and was amazed at the size of the kitchens at Wembley, which cover an area the size of two tennis courts.


Harry Lomas, assisted by Alan Shew, at the Wembley Stadium kitchens explaining how Tudor Lodge is supporting Compassion London through the TudorFood initiative. Here he shows the meal of the day which is one of 150,000 meals the Wembley kitchens has produced since it started.

Compassion London is very grateful for the support of the Wembley Stadium owners and the Football Association in allowing the kitchens to be used at this time.

In the third week of TudorFood supporting Compassion London and Alan Shew has been volunteering in the kitchens at Wembley Stadium. Here he is pictured preparing the pasta for one of the two meals being produced.

This will be the last week that Compassion London will be operating in the Wembley Stadium kitchens. As of next week Compassion London are relocating to the kitchens at Alexandra Palace with a new kitchen team. A handover has been organised so that meal production and delivery is maintained without a break. Luckily, Alexandra Palace is a similar road distance from Watford and deliveries to the area will continue as usual.

The TudorFood team will also keep on supporting Compassion London, in particular by liaising with Watford based charities to ensure they continue to receive the meals they need to assist local families.

The requirement for fresh meals has also increased this week and as of 1st June, the Watford area will be getting over 1,450 meals delivered each week. The local food hubs are receiving a higher number of requests for support and all those involved continue to work hard to try and ensure everyone who needs a meal gets one.


The fourth week of TudorFood working with Compassion London saw some changes. Wembley Stadium is now being prepared for reopening and, as of 1st June, the kitchens were relocated to Alexandra Palace with new teams in the kitchen and in distribution.

Harry Lomas handed on his role as Head Chef and wrote a report about the Wembley Stadium operation for the Football Association - a copy of which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Although the kitchen move has meant that overall meal production has had to be reduced, deliveries to the Watford area have not been affected. In fact, overall demand for meals through the Watford Food Hubs, in particular, has pushed the number of meals being provided through the TudorFood initiative to over 2000 per week. Recipients of these meals are families and key workers through three Food Hub operations, three local charities and two hospices.


Food preparation takes place daily with raw produce supplied by The Felix Project.

Freshly prepared meals are sent out seven days per week.

Two meal types are provided. Either a meat or fish dish, or a vegetarian dish.

All meals can be reheated in a microwave for immediate consumption or stored overnight in a refrigerator to eat the next day.

The kitchen management team at Compassion London with volunteer kitchen staff.

Harry Lomas leading the preparation of meals at Wembley Stadium kitchens.

Compassion London was set up by Leon Aarts, and is now working from the kitchens at Alexandra Palace, having been previously based in the Central Production Kitchens at Wembley Stadium. With the ability to prepare several thousand meals per day, distribution takes place in London and Hertfordshire to a variety of groups supporting NHS and key workers workers, families and children in need, and the homeless.

Compassion London is run by an amazing group of volunteers including professional chefs, foodies, accountants, mums, dads and young people who care about those who need help most.

Compassion London cooks for everyone who needs a meal in this crisis and runs on the principle of No-one to Bed Hungry.


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